What is Eden Energy Medicine? 
Eastern traditions have studied energy healing for millennia and have successfully applied them to enhance physical and emotional health. Just a few of these practices are yoga, Reiki, acupuncture, and qigong. 
I see my role not as a healer, but as a facilitator for you own personal healing. When I began my journey, I started from the premise that our bodies are designed to balance themselves and when that happens, health and energy is restored. 
The techniques I will be using and teaching you are based on the premise that by promoting balance and flow in the body's electromagnetic and subtle energies, health and well-being are enhanced. They involve the use of certain postures and movements or touching, holding, pressing on, tracing or circling over specified areas on the body. They move, balance, enhance, and restore the body's energies. I will also employ a method called "energy testing" where I apply light pressure to your outstretched arm. I may also use instruments or natural stones to assist in your treatment, such as magnets. This is a way of assessing how your particular energies are flowing through a specfic part of your body.

When making appointments online or by phone, please give a brief description of what you are looking to have treated during your session.

Rates & Offers
Consultations are $150.00 for a 90 minute session. 
Energy Works!* offers classes entitled Eden Energy Medicine 101 & 102. Watch our website for upcoming classes.
Energy Works!* is also available to teach private seminars on stress reduction, women's health and pain management.